Balancing Brain Chemistry

My passion is helping people achieve vibrant health. As we are chemical, electrical and energetic beings, we have to heal all three of these levels. Therapy and new skills can help a lot but if our neurotransmitters (brain chemistry) are out of balance, life can continue to be filled with struggle.

The balance of our brain chemistry along with the function of our immune and endocrine systems are responsible for governing how we operate throughout our day. Our brain is the control center that determines how we function physically, mentally and emotionally. When our control center isn’t functioning at it’s highest capacity, we can experience all types of symptoms such as anxiety, sleep disturbances, depression, headaches, low motivation, low energy, poor focus and concentration, learning and memory difficulties and many more.

Balancing our neurotransmitters needs to be in combination with healing our whole body. Once our brains are healthier and better balanced, we feel much more calm and relaxed and life in general tends to feels easier. That’s when therapy and skill building can really start to take effect. Deciding to get healthy is like deciding to go on a road trip; you wouldn’t start packing and planning without making sure your car was ready for that kind of adventure, would you?

Many people take medications for their mental health issues. Medications have their place in health and healing but oftentimes people stay on them much longer than they should. Some people think they need medications to tolerate their work or living conditions. For whatever their reasoning may be, many people stay on medications way past what ought to be their expiration date.

I enjoy doing neurotransmitter testing and treatment as a way to help people come off medication, reduce their dependency on them, or simply avoid them altogether. Coming off medications is often scary for people because taking them has become a comforting habit and their negative thinking or prescriber has convinced them that they need the medication to cope with their life. Eliminating medication from your daily routine is safe and gentle when done in a scientific and mindful process. Sometimes a very slow taper of medications balanced with nutritional supplementation is all you may need to come off them successfully.

I believe the most important thing for our brains and bodies is to take as little medications as possible and be our best most vibrant selves.



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“For most of the last fifteen years I have suffered from migraines every ten days out of twenty. Along with migraines I have ADD and the depression that goes with both conditions. I aggressively sought help from every type of practitioner and doctor. Over those years instead of discontinuing medications that didn’t work, new ones were added. The continual addition of prescriptions and experimentation had finally taken its toll. I not only still had the migraines but the side effects had negative effects on my work, my social life and even my sense of self. My fight was starting to leave.

“Multiple glowing referrals led me to reach out for one more time and call Tamara. Right away I loved that she agreed all my conditions were interrelated. However, I was not at ease when she said the key to getting better was to get off most, if not all, of my medications. It even felt somewhat irresponsible. At that point, there seemed nothing to lose by trusting her treatment plan. With Tamara’s guidance and supplement recommendations I eliminated one prescription at a time. What i didn’t eliminate I cut back by sometimes more than half.

“How can someone on three antidepressants not even realize how depressed they are? I didn’t until I weaned myself from the pills and started taking amino acids instead. The amino acids also enabled me to cut back on ADD medication by more than half the daily dose. My energy and sense of well-being continued to improve. Best of all a miraculous and unexpected benefit was a huge decrease in my migraines. For the first time in fifteen years I have gone as long as six weeks without a headache!! It would not be an exaggeration to say I have myself and my life back!

“I am so grateful to Tamara for this gift of health!”

Thank you so much,
~ Portland, Oregon



Our brain is the control center of our body and regulates mood, activity, energy, focus, concentration, motivation, pleasure, appetite, sleep, and much much more. Our brain chemicals, called neurotransmitters, regulate brain activity and are a complex and highly interactive system. The right balance of chemicals in our brain is essential to feeling vibrant and alive. This then can allow us to develop to our full potential.

The mind-body connection is powerful and there are many factors effecting chemical balance in the brain. Achieving a state of optimal mental and physical health can only happen when there is a balance in the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems. This is called the study of psycho-neuro-immunology which helps us understand the interrelationship between each and how they effect our state of health or illness.

Imbalances in these systems occur as a result of exposure to psychological and/or physical challenges. Both metabolism and genetics effect our body’s ability to produce neurotransmitters. Stress, which seems to be ubiquitous for most people, is detrimental to our neurotransmitter system and underlying stressors such as mental stress, poor diet and nutrition, and unhealthy lifestyles contribute to the dysregulation in brain chemistry. Other things that influence neurotransmitter balance include infections, environmental toxins, and/or general immune system concerns.


Neurotransmitters – Testing and Treatment

Beyond antidepressants and other medications which treat anxiety, depression, insomnia and other mental health conditions, there are supplements available that will increase our body’s ability to correct neurotransmitter imbalances. While neurotransmitters are being re-built with appropriately designed supplements, treatment with conventional medications can be used in symptom management.

The research in this area is continually expanding and the diagnostic testing of neurotransmitter biomarkers, which in conjunction with clinical symptoms, aids in determining the balance of neurotransmitters. Treatment with the appropriate amino acids and other nutritional supplements can help to correct these imbalances. This supplement modality is essential to attaining not only good mental, but also physical health.

Testing is easy, relatively cost effective, and often covered by health insurance companies.

“I sought out Tamara on the advice of another counselor who recommended a PMHNP to help me find an alternative to Ritalin and Fluoxetine for ADHD symptoms in preparation for getting pregnant. Since I am older and doing In-Vitro Fertilization I needed to get off the Ritalin and Fluoxetine within about 3 months so I could be clean before starting IVF treatments to give the protocol as much chance of success as possible. Tamara put me on a regimen of amino acids, vitamins and herbs, that were approved by my OB doctor, about a month before I got pregnant. I am now 3 months pregnant and have found the supplements are helping me to function at work and at home.

“Since I am the primary breadwinner for our household it was imperative I maintain my level of functioning at work as much as possible throughout my pregnancy. So far I am doing fine. Between Tamara’s supplements, general life coaching advice and relaxation audio recordings, I am surviving being medication free for the first time in 15 years! “I am very grateful to Tamara and recommend her to anyone who needs help getting off strong pharmaceuticals temporarily or permanently.”

Thanks much,
~ Portland, Oregon

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