What is Hypnosis and Visualization?


Hypnosis or creative visualization is a very pleasant method to help you relax and make positive changes. I use it as a therapeutic process to create an altered state of consciousness by eliciting the relaxation response in both your body and mind.

When your conscious mind is relaxed it becomes open to healing suggestions. Your brain can use these suggested images to alter visual, auditory, kinesthetic and intuitive perceptions which in turn stimulates change.

Hypnosis is highly effective and simple to do. Listening to a hypnosis audio program on a regular basis is the only effort it takes.

By using the power of your mind in this way, it is possible to change the way you view or perceive something. It is useful for helping a person to deal with pain and discomfort, fear and anxiety, feeling “stuck” or unmotivated, and a host of other medical and mental health conditions.

Personalized Audio Programs for Health Issues, Birthing, Self Improvement, and Performance

Making a hypnosis audio program is an effective and inexpensive way to relieve stress, improve sleep, learn relaxation skills for birthing, re-pattern unwanted behaviors, stop mind-chatter or ruminating, improve motivation and make changes in your life. An audio program can be tailor made for an individual according to their personal issues and concerns and the changes they would like to make.

A hypnosis or creative visualization audio program can be made for almost anything. First, an appointment (in person or by telephone) for an interview is conducted to elicit your concerns with the issue. An audio program is then made and given or sent to you. It is most helpful to listen to the tape daily for maximum benefit.

Some examples of issues may be:

• Motivation
• Envisioning your future
• Health promotion: wellness, fitness, exercise, healthy living
• Health issues and medical conditions
• Surgery
• Medical treatment procedures
• Mental health issues: anxiety, stress, insomnia
• Labor and delivery techniques for birthing
• Successful performance
• Creativity
• Enhancing your natural abilities

Learn how to:

• Alleviate symptoms
• Improve your health
• Make positive changes

About Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is therapy using the hypnotic state and is very helpful for eliciting memories and associated feeling states from the past to enhance awareness of issues that may be causing you blocks from moving forward in life. Once an increased awareness is made it is then possible to make desired changes for healing and personal growth.

Hypnotherapy is:


Pinpoint past experiences affecting the present. When you feel “stuck” on an issue, hypnotherapy increases awareness of its origin and the effectiveness of other techniques: counseling, acupuncture, chiropractic and naturopathic care, and allopathic medical treatments and other types of healing.


The subconscious is accessed in a state of deep relaxation and reveals issues that need to be healed. Awaken your own wisdom and power.


Awareness of the origin of the problem, coupled with new skills, often allows you to alter life patterns independently.

“After my first hypnotherapy session, something just cut loose. It’s quick, effective, and wonderful.”

~Myrna M
Wellness Coach

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