Confident You! A Coaching Program To Help You Tap Your True Potential.

Build a foundation of knowledge and skills to become confident in all areas of your life.

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Confidence is one of those things that we don’t just want in moderation.

We want as much as we can get. Having lots of confidence does not mean that we are arrogant or stuck up. It means that we are comfortable with ourselves and with others. When we have confidence we are willing to put ourselves out there and take risks, face challenges and connect with others in meaningful ways. Confidence is the believing in yourself and in your own personal power, as well as the all the abilities you possess. And this equals attractive, empowering and sexy.

To enhance our confidence we need skills and self-management tools.

Confident You! Coaching Program will give you the skills, knowledge and tools that will help you do this. Having a framework in which to build your self-confidence makes the process so much easier.

Only when we have confidence can we tap into our true potential.

I hope you will join Confident You! Coaching Program.

Program Details:

Audio Recordings There will be 10 audio recordings with content, handouts, exercises, notes and questions to call you to action.

Coaching Questions to call you to action.

Forum where you will interact with Tamara and others in the program regarding your insights, the content, questions and your process.

Coaching/Mentoring - Always available as an add-on fee to help you with any blocks and propel you to the next level.

Purchase the Confident You! Program [Available for purchase on April 30, 2013!]

Click on a card to buy the complete 10 week series at once, or each week individually. I am also offering a package that includes all 10 weeks plus 2 coaching sessions for $100 off of the regular price.

Please keep in mind that I recommend that you take the classes in order for maximum benefit. If you purchase the complete 10 week series bundle, the classes will be available in weekly intervals to give you enough time to reflect on their unique principles.


week 1-10 plus coaching invite

Confident You! Series + Coaching

•Two 45 minute coaching sessions with me to help you identify your blocks and move forward (to be taken during the course and are to be completed 2 weeks after you take your last class).

•Compelling questions for each topic area that will help you process what you have learned and step into action!

•Access to the Forum where you will be able to share your thoughts and feelings, as well as ask questions.


week 1-10 plus coaching invite

Confident You! Complete Program Series

See below for further description of each class.


week 1-10 plus coaching invite

Week 1 – What is Confidence?

This class is all about what confidence is. We will explore what boosts and what zaps our confidence. I will talk about some basic self-care practices that will help you feel your all-time best. Doing everything we can to enhance our confidence is essential for both building and maintaining it.


week 1-10 plus coaching invite

Week 2 – Choosing Our Thoughts

This class is about choosing your thoughts to create what you want. You will explore your thoughts by using the metaphor of your mind as a garden. We all have minds that go 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Learning to control our mind is the key to being happy, confident and successful in life.


week 3 invite

Week 3 – Emotional Intelligence

This class is about exploring your emotions to understand how they affect you, your relationships and everything that you do. Understanding your own emotions, as well as those of others, helps you to effectively deal with people and situations in a healthy way. Learning to manage our emotions is key to being happy, confident and successful in life.


week 4 invite

Week 4 – Keeping Stress Under Control

This class is about stress and the secret to keeping it under control. We will explore acute and chronic stress, as well as proactive and reactive techniques for managing it. Learning to manage our stress on a daily basis and respond appropriately to stressful situations are key to being happy, confident and successful in life.


week 5

Week 5 – Thriving with Transition and Change

This class is all about exploring your reactions to change, the importance of change, how to view change differently, and how to accept change. Learning to manage transitions and changes with grace and ease will limit your stress and help you to grow more as a person. Adapting easily to changes will enhance your confidence and ability to be successful in life.


week 6

Week 6 – Discovering Your Leadership Abilities

This class is about finding and stepping into your leadership abilities. You will explore a problem that you’re dealing with in your life and analyze the results that you’re getting from your current problem-solving methods. You will then discover how you can work through this problem more effectively by taking charge of your mindset and behavior. These are the tools you need to tap into your leadership style, abilities and confidence.


week 7

Week 7 – Effective Communication

This class is about the art of communicating effectively where we will discuss the challenges of communication and the basic skills that good communication requires. When we communicate effectively we connect with others more successfully, which raises our confidence.


week 8

Week 8 – Creating Positive Change

This class is about resolving conflict to create positive change in your life. We will define conflict and identify several key elements that are at the heart of all conflicts. We’ll also explore the types of characters in conflict and the limiting beliefs that get in the way of resolving conflict. You will to explore how you manage conflict, as well as identify your primary management style. Learning to manage conflict is essential to being successful in life. Only when we become successful at dealing with conflict on a daily basis can our self-confidence grow and we are able to tap into our true potential.

week 9

Week 9 – Taking Risks to Change Your Life

This class is about exercising your courage to take risks that will change your life. You will have the opportunity to take a look at how you react to change and risks. We will explore the rewards of risk-taking and what you need to do to take action. Learning to take chances to move forward in life will help you stretch your comfort zone and increase your self-confidence to tap into your true potential.


week 10

Week 10 – Visioning Your Life

This class is about the importance of visioning your life and creating goals to achieve success and great self-confidence. You will begin to explore your life vision and the secrets behind formulating successful goals. Creating a vision for your future, along with setting goals, are the keys to escalating your confidence and tapping into your true potential.


Confidence is easy to lose and takes practice to keep and develop. There is a lot to becoming more confident. We have to be willing to confront our fears and perceived limitations and then take action and stretch our comfort zones. Having the right skills to do this is what Confident You! will teach you.

Having both self-esteem and self-worth are important parts of confidence so naturally you will also be working on improving both of these. Confident You! will be a fun way to challenge yourself into taking action in many different aspects of your life. Be prepared to step into the new you after this program.

The top 20 ways the Confident You! Coaching Program will help you:

      1. Understand what keeps you from feeling confident and tapping your true potential
      2. Identify ways in which you sabotage yourself
      3. Step into your courage and face your fears
      4. Learning how to manage everyday stressors that can impede confidence
      5. Eliminate language which does not serve you
      6. Discover how taking a holistic approach to being healthy in mind, body and spirit will help you achieve more confidence and keep it
      7. Focus on your strengths
      8. Understand your emotions
      9. Get clear on what is important to you
      10. Identify your true values
      11. Learn skills for maximizing your potential
      12. Build your courage by taking risks
      13. Improve your assertiveness skills
      14. Embrace your personal power
      15. Step into your authentic self
      16. Get to really know yourself
      17. Learn from your failures and turn them into learning
      18. Expand your life by creating a vision of what you really want
      19. Connect to your spirituality on a daily basis
    20. Get absolutely clear about what is important for you



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