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Create the life your spirit desires. Achieve and maintain great health. Live in authenticity and joy.


Knowledge is Powerful!

Learn what it takes to keep your body, mind and spirit in optimal health to go the distance of your life.


 Be in Charge of Yourself!

Understand the operation of your mind and ways to work with it to ensure you succeed in all areas of life.

Life Issues

Health Issues

Mental Health Issues

Transition Issues (birthing, parenting, divorce, educational choices, career/work)

Relationship Readiness Preparation

Successful Single Living

Single Parenting

Attraction and Conscious Dating

Couples Coaching

Life Skills to improve:
Communication Skills

Relationship Success

Managing Stress and Relaxation Skills

Personal Growth and Self-Confidence

Conflict Resolution Skills

Coaching Approach to Healing and Life Success

The process of becoming a better you begins with developing an awareness of what is not working in your life and wanting to change this. Awareness is the key, without it we cannot know what needs to change. Once we become aware then we can begin to make a connection to all the situations in which this is happening which further reinforces the need to make some positive changes. Learning and integrating new skills that can assist you in making healthy changes and enhance your relationships will help to make your life more successful. Once you have mastered these skills and can automatically use them in a variety of novel situations then healing has occurred.

When moving forward in life, it is common to have issues from the past come up and get in the way causing emotional distress and a feeling of being stuck.  Rather than gloss over these issues, examining them can be very helpful within the framework of a therapeutic process. However, insight without action will only keep you stuck in victim mode. Taking action, no matter what you are up against or how much you are resistant to it, is key to your physical and mental health and life success.

My approach to working with you is humanistic, interactive, and integrates many different therapeutic and coaching modalities. I see my role as a therapist/coach in facilitating you to remove the blocks which disguise your real self and authenticity and assist you in moving forward successfully in your life. I will help you recognize your patterns and beliefs systems which have guided you in how you experience and relate to yourself and others in your life (ie: what you think, feel, and do).

Skills and tools for healing physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually, in order to live life fully, are an important and effective part of my coaching process. Mastering life skills is essential for living your best life with great health, purpose and intent.


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