Your Freedom Experience

Your Freedom Experience

 Your Freedom Experience: 10 Steps to Becoming Your Best in Mind, Body and Spirit…

We can experience freedom on so many different levels and in various outlets of our lives: Freedom with our health; freedom from financial burdens; freedom that comes from knowing what we want in life; freedom in feeling comfortable in communicating our needs and wants; freedom to express what is important to us; freedom in having good relationships with family, friends and that one special person; freedom in knowing we can learn new things; freedom in our minds that comes from having a pleasant place to live and work; freedom in doing meaningful work; freedom from fear, anxiety, loneliness, and depression.

Imagine a life that feels free and easy. Imagine being happy and content with your life. Imagine yourself comfortable in your own skin wherever you are and with whoever you are with. Imagine yourself just being yourself all the time. Now this is ultimate freedom.

Your Freedom Experience is all about what it takes to achieve this level of freedom. Life is a journey and not a destination, so figuring out how to live feeling free in your mind, body and spirit is key to experiencing your best life. What are the keys? The keys are the eight areas of your life that need to be in balance so that you can be your best and enjoy great health, ease and freedom in yourself and your life.



Participant Testimonials

“The class was very enlightening. I, as well as the others in the group, were stretched to think out of the box in many areas of our lives. I looked forward to each session.” -Michelle R. Newberg, Oregon
“Because of you [and the class], I am able to take a step towards being a stronger person, everyday.” – Holly W., Portland, Oregon
“I definitely feel as though I’ve made a great deal of personal growth throughout this class.” -Spring 2011 Participant
“Thank you for your grounding energy, patience and vast well of knowledge presented in the class!” -Bonnie P., Portland, Oregon

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