About Tamara

I’ve always been a high achieving, hard working and successful woman despite many struggles over my lifetime. I did not grow up having the life skills it takes to negotiate life in a meaningful and successful way though. My life was not easy and often I was not happy. From an early age I persevered to figure life out and learned how to turn things around. It took me a long time to really understand what having a healthy relationship with myself and others is all about.    I now know what it takes to be happy and live life with ease and enthusiasm. I will always continue to improve my life by taking stock of where I am, how I am doing and what I want to accomplish in life. It is my passion to continue on my path to master the art of living consciously and maintaining excellent health in all areas of my life. I welcome you to join me in this exciting and worthwhile pursuit.

IMG_5607_edited My life has turned out nothing like I thought it would. I’ve been through many journeys, including surviving my childhood, successfully passing college, graduate school and my nurse practitioner training despite having attention deficit disorder (and not knowing it), living abroad, traveling extensively, surviving much grief and loss, divorcing, being a single parent, and developing several businesses. Although not always easy to learn from, these trials and tribulations of life have given me ample first hand knowledge of the many issues and roadblocks people suffer from and what they need to move forward in life.

Throughout my life, I have experienced multiple traumas that resulted in anxiety and depression. These periods were dark, but they taught me to seek important life skills that I needed to sort myself out. I was fortunate to have had many great teachers in my life, both in the United States and Australia, whom I loved learning from. I am happy to say that all the knowledge and skills I learned along the way have saved my life several times.

Despite knowing how to be healthy, I still got cancer a few years ago. Getting that diagnosis really kicked me into gear to be even more healthy. I knew intuitively that the enormous amount of stress I had endured throughout my life allowed the cancer to grow. Knowing this allowed me to not be scared and instead to put my holistic knowledge to use in order to rid my body of the diseased cells without worry, doubt or fear. Integrating complimentary and alternative practices combined with allopathic medicine was the best route for me in my healing process. I am now pleased to share that I am even healthier and take better care of myself after having that diagnosis.
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My Best Self Looks Like This:

I am a free spirit meeting amazing people from all over the world helping them to reach optimal health with ease and live a life that brings them great joy and success. I have many adventures and oh so much fun along the way!




My Favorite Things:

  • Spending time with my adult daughter – doing anything!
  • Swimming and hiking
  • Outdoor activities (I am very active and physically oriented)
  • Cultural events such as theatre, music, movies, dance and comedy
  • Traveling, especially to foreign countries – soaking up new cultures
  • Lounging around reading when I am on holiday or camping
  • Teaching and mentoring
  • Being in the present moment
  • Relaxing on the couch talking with my niece
  • Laughing wholeheartedly at silly things, especially with my brother

My Exercise Routine:

  • Swimming a mile 2 times a week (I’d really like this to be 3 times a week)
  • Walking my dog 5 times a week
  • Barre3 Class 3 – 4 times a week (this is great for core work, strength training and body sculpting)
  • Yoga class twice a week (my body and mind would really like this to be 5 times a week)
  • Despite my wanting more exercise there is only so much time in the day. Sleep and self-care are very important as well

My Mental Health Routine:

  • Adjusting my attitude frequently during the day (so many people and things try to overthrow us!)
  • Taking a 2 minute breathing break several times a day
  • Making an affirmation when I feel stuck
  • Saying “oh well” to all those things I cannot change
  • Reframing things
  • Use everything to my advantage

My Spiritual Health Routine:

  • Setting my intention each morning to serve those I meet each day
  • Saying my gratitude list out loud just before falling asleep
  • Being thankful for little and big things that happen each day, as they occur
  • Pausing to reflect on the moment every now and then throughout the day

My Dreams:

  • To be my best self and find my soulmate
  • To live in balance
  • To travel the world
  • To do my part in enhancing the lives of many
  • To work towards saving our planet
  • To enjoy being a Grandmother when the time is right

My Favorite Foods:

  • Avocados
  • Peaches
  • Mangos
  • Cottage cheese (even though I rarely eat dairy)
  • Vegetables (yes, I love most of them prepared in many different ways)


Least Favorite Concepts:

  • Not being able to eat whatever I want (it’s worth it for my body and my mind’s clarity)
  • The diligence it takes to monitor my self-care (again, it’s worth every effort)
  • Being concerned about my body image (let’s face it, I believe all women are)
  • Having so many bad hair days

My Favorite Concepts:

  • The extraordinariness of the human body
  • Neurolinguistic programming (NLP)
  • Hypnosis and hypnotherapy
  • Laws of Attraction
  • Affirmations
  • Reframing
  • Breathing
  • Present Moment
  • Consciousness and Mindfulness
  • Floating in the Mediterranean
  • Traveling the World


My Vision:

  • We live in a world where people are warm, friendly and benevolent
  • We all have an abundance of healthy, organic foods to choose from
  • Our health care dollars are primarily spent in health promotion and disease prevention and people are getting healthier


My Most Powerful Life Changing Events:

  • learning how to drive
  • becoming a nurse
  • traveling extensively on a shoestring
  • living on the beach at Cape Tribulation
  • falling in love (more than once)
  • losing my first child
  • finding hypnotherapy to resolve the death of my son
  • learning NLP
  • working my mother out of my head
  • getting divorced
  • raising my daughter as a single parent
  • overcoming my divorce, finally

My Clients:

Often ask me, “How did you know this?” 

I’ve had many life experiences. There is learning in just about everything and I have been able to make the most out of what I have been handed in life. Understanding emotions and reframing are two skills that have been key in helping me use everything to my advantage.

Say that I am like no other therapist they have ever been to before.

I like to listen and hear people’s stories and figure out where I can help them. I’m really just myself, a bit analytical, and I like people a lot.

Open up and tell me things they have never shared with anyone else – even on the first visit.

Having been through so much myself helps me to connect with others. Empathy is the key and I have plenty of it.


Member of:

AMHA (American Mental Health Alliance) Oregon
Oregon Nurses Association
American Nurses Association Institute of HeartMath


University of California San Francisco: BS and MS in Nursing
Oregon Health & Science University: Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Major Trainings:

NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)

Maxxum International Training and Research: Sydney, Australia

Coach Training

MentorCoach: Bethesda, Maryland

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society
University of Massachusetts Medical School: Worcester, Massachusetts

Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching Institute: Campbell, California

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

The Wellness Institute: Washington

HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method

Hypnobirthing Institute: New Hampshire

Conflict Resolution Training

Conflict Resolution Network: Sydney, Australia

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