What Coaching Can Do For You?

If you could answer just eight questions about your life right now you would get a glimpse of what is really going on.


What would you choose to do to make your life different?

What is not working in your life right now?

How is this impacting your life?

What would you like your life to look like?

If you could wave a magic wand what would you make happen?

How important is it that you go from where you are to where you would like to be?

What is getting in the way?

What are you willing to do?


I know how much of a challenge it is to change.

In order to become who we want to be and fulfill our dreams and aspirations we need to change and grow. Many of us have our history and life experiences to come to terms with before we can move on and become our best selves. Because of the strong hold of unhealthy patterns of behavior that often form in our child and adolescence years, learning new life skills that will serve us as adults is paramount to our success in life.

As for me, I spent years doing self-help workshops, seminars and trainings. I did therapy on and off for years. Yes, I learned a lot and to be honest I am glad that I dug so deep and stayed with the journey. It took major work for me to move from where I was stuck to where I am now. Would I do it all again? Definitely not the same way, I would choose to do it much differently. What I didn’t know was that there was another option. That option was coaching.

Working with a coach that has your best interest in mind will help you in ways you never thought possible. Struggling to accomplish things without the right help and support can lead to frustration, decreased self-worth and failure. Like most people you might just give up and I don’t want that for you. As a holistic health and life coach, my goal in working with you is to help you feel great and be highly successful in all aspects of life!


10 Ways Coaching Can Help!

❤ Keeping you on track and moving forward towards accomplishing your goals.

❤ Maintain your accountability by having someone to check in with regularly.

❤ Support you as you tackle new changes in your life.

❤ Reinforce and enhance your decision-making.

❤ Help you set your priorities and provide course correction.

❤ Create an environment for growth and change.

❤ Reduce procrastination.

❤ Motivate you.

❤ Empower you!

❤ Celebrate your successes!


“Tamara Owen has helped me to understand how to make choices and create plans that keep me on the path to my reach my fullest potential. I was a person who lived in fear prior to the life coaching I have received from Tamara. Tamara has guided me to make decisions based on what I want not what I fear, changing negative thinking to positive. She has taught me how to make plans that are achievable for the future and most importantly how to enjoy and live more in the present moment.”
-Julia H.
Portland, Oregon


I am passionate about helping people overcome obstacles and become successful in life.

Because change takes time, I offer short and long term coaching packages to ensure your success in health, mental health and life issues. For those who only want to trouble shoot a specific issue of concern or just want a “tune-up” one or two sessions might do the trick to help you get unstuck and propel you along your journey of life. Contact me to schedule an exploratory session to see what might be your best option.


As Your Holistic Health Mentor and Life Coach I Will:

the light

The emerging you – shining brightly!

❤ Work with you to help you make lasting changes that will support you for the rest of your life

❤ Teach you the intricacies of what it takes to be healthy in mind, body and spirit

❤ Support and encourage you to take action and follow through on what you need to do

❤ Offer you guidance and honest feedback

❤ Share my knowledge and experiences to help you understand what it is that you need

❤ Empathize with you and yet hold you accountable

❤ Teach you skills and tools to help you be successful in life

❤ Co-discover with you what strategies for taking action work best for you

❤ Support you through your journey of self-discovery and self-improvement

❤ Be available to help you get unstuck when necessary

❤ Always hold your highest good as a priority for moving forward

❤ Always believe that you have what it takes to be successful

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